Shay Murtagh Precast is one of the leading Concrete Manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and prides itself with successful completions of each and every project undertaken.

Each set of approved drawings of the structural design team are converted to production drawings in cooperation with the production design crew. A mould drawing and steel reinforcement drawing is assembled and brought to the required departments. Extensive quality control checks are carried out pre and post casting by the Production team ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Collaboration with the Client and within all working teams in-house has brought to fruition each product to clear expectations and delivery to Client to their requirements.

As a leading expert in Precast Concrete Manufacturers in the UK and Ireland, that are unrivalled by any company with depth of know-how, in-house problem solving, and team culture. We produce each product with certainty and comprehension of each single demand of product. Expertise in mould fabrication, prestressing and post-tensioning methods, concrete mixture control and quality management, all evolves to unparalleled product calibre.

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  1. Crafting of Reinforced Cages and Main Connections:
    At our advanced Shay Murtagh facility, we have specialised workshops dedicated to mould creation, maintenance, and the production of jig-built reinforcing cages and connections.
  2. Mould Assembly:
    Our expert team positions the reinforced cage in the partially assembled mould, ensuring the mould’s completion with precision and care.
  3. Concrete Pouring:
    Using our signature Shay Murtagh concrete mix, we ensure that every pour meets our high standards. Our state-of-the-art computer-controlled batching plants guarantee consistency and quality.
  4. Concrete Compaction:
    To achieve the Shay Murtagh standard of density and strength, we utilise high-frequency external vibrators or pokers during the compaction process.
  5. Transition to Storage:
    After the concrete reaches our specified strength, the precast units are transitioned to our storage area, ready for the next phase.
  6. Storage of Premium Units:
    The finished components, a testament to Shay Murtagh’s commitment to quality, are systematically stored, ensuring the integrity and safety of each piece.
  7. Delivery to Site:
    Our logistics team, with years of experience, ensures a seamless delivery process, with components arriving on-site in a sequence optimised for immediate erection.
  8. On-Site Erection:
    Shay Murtagh’s legacy of excellence continues on-site, with components swiftly and efficiently erected, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity.
  9. The Finished Building:
    Every structure that incorporates our products stands as a testament to the Shay Murtagh name and our dedication to excellence in the precast concrete industry.

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