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Concrete Box Culvert Assembly at Inchya Road

In November 2011 Shay Murtagh Precast manufactured and delivered 10 UAN concrete box culvert assemblies on behalf of RJ McLeod contractors for Inchyra Road.

Each box culvert assembly consisted of an upper and lower U-section to from a 5.7m by 2.4m culvert. Each U-section weighed 13.5T and was 1.941m long.

All of the box culvert units had a section thickness of 300mm. The finished culvert run was 19.5m long.

Two 6.3m long head walls were also installed on the end culvert units and each head wall weighed 5.5T.

Six precast wing walls were also manufactured for the culvert approaches. These had a section thickness of 250mm and varied in height from 2m to 3.95m and had a maximum weight of 9.25T.

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