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Precast Concrete Beams for LLandevenny Bridge Monmouthshire, Wales

Bam Nuttall contracted Shay Murtagh to work on the replacement of the LLandevenny bridge with precast concrete beams in Monmouthshire, Wales. The bridge in question required demolition and complete reconstruction. The reason, it was too low to provide sufficient clearance for the instalment of overhead lines. Which would enable new electric trains to operate.

The bridge alongside a number of others overarches the Great Western Mainline. Subject to electrification as part of the Railway Upgrade Plan. This scheme aims to deliver improved, cheaper and environmentally-cleaner transport to the public.

The design principle based on precast and the units, to be installed under a rail possession with minimal time constraints. For this project, Shay Murtagh combined the major structural components within the precast package, designing and procuring the steel element to produce a comprehensive solution.

The following units manufactured

  • 4 Cill Precast Concrete Beams
  • 6 Parapet edge precast concrete beams
  • 3 deck infill slabs
  • 6 Approach Walls

A trial erection took place at the factory in Raharney to ensure high-quality standards had been achieved the requirements of the rail possession, met with both standard and specialist trailers. The completed three-span bridge reached a total of 24.100m.
Thank you to Bam Nuttall and congratulations to everyone involved in the completion of another successful project.


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