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Concrete Bridge Beams for Whitemill Bridge

Shay Murtagh Precast has manufactured pre-stressed concrete bridge beams for a new road bridge on the B851. This was part of the enabling works for the Dunmaglass Wind Farm project near Inverness, Scotland on behalf of RJ McLeod.

The new bridge was a single span deck comprising of prestressed TY bridge beams. It supports a 200mm insitu concrete deck spanning over a watercourse. The new deck had a skew angle of 45° and an overall width of 9.3m and skew span of 13.8m.

Seven number 14.510m long TY7 bridge beams were required each weighing 9.7t. Two number TYE7 edge beams were also manufactured and each had an upstand parapet cast along its length as a second stage pour. The parapet section also had projecting reinforcement to tie into the insitu deck on site. The two edge beams weighed 25.3t and 31.0t respectively.

Scheduled and Delivered in April 2013 by our transport team, we thank Steve and the RJ McLeod team for another successful project completion and look forward to the next partnership.

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Bridge Beams here or contact the team at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information.

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