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30-metre Precast Concrete Bridge Beams for Arun East and Arun West Bridge, West Sussex

When it comes to bridges over rivers, every aspect of construction calls for the highest levels of professionalism and expertise.

The fast-flowing river Arun flows through the ancient town of Horsham in West Sussex.  Although a rural area, the town is within commuting distance of London, and is close to Gatwick Airport, so is a popular place to live.   As part of a major redevelopment of the High Wood area of Horsham, two bridges needed to be constructed over the River Arun, and Berkeley Homes, who designed the Highwood Development, much of which is built on the banks of the river, and Walker Construction, who did most of the heavy lifting work for the project, turned to Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete for the massive beams that form the main structure of the bridges.

There are not many companies who can manufacture four precast concrete bridge beams, each one measuring over thirty metres in length, and deliver them to the site ready for installation.  The units are huge.  Even the lorry drivers, negotiating the narrow tracks to the site of the new bridges, needed high levels of skill for their work.

Precast concrete was the only material that was viable for the new bridges.  The pre-stressing process allows the precast concrete bridge beams to span long distances, and Shay Murtagh, with over four decades of experience in the business, was the obvious choice of manufacturer for this exceptionally demanding project.

The new Highwood development will provide much-needed housing in a fast-growing part of Sussex, and the new road bridges will ensure that access to the properties does not impede traffic in the historic town centre, which is within walking distance of the project.  The Arun East and Arun West bridges, completed on schedule, will serve the local communities for many years to come, and the new development on the outskirts of Horsham has allowed all concerned in its construction to demonstrate their skills in delivering the best in civil engineering.

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