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Bridge Beams & Culverts For Strathroy Link Road, Omagh

The Strathroy Link Road, constructed on the approach from Omagh to Strabane. The road opened in November of last year, to the relief of all concerned.  The traffic will now flow smoothly. Both motorists and local business will benefit from the completion of this link to the Derry and Strathroy road.  Omagh town councillor Barry McElduff commended the Department for Infrastructure. Fox Contracts and the other professionals involved in the work, which, he said, would bring “enormous social and economic benefits”.  However, civil projects of this size inevitably create disruption. Meaning that the use of precast concrete, which fabricated offsite, decreased the impact during the works.

High on the list of those other professionals stands Shay Murtagh Precast, who was commissioned to manufacture and deliver the massive bridge beams and box culverts that formed the basic structure of a three-span bridge and stream underpass, including culverts UK.  The fifteen W bridge beams, each one measuring thirty seven metres long, and twenty culvert units. These are over 2.7 meters in diameter. Manufactured according to the specifications laid down by the contractors at Shay Murtagh’s facility at Westmeath, and then delivered to the site as and when needed.

Shay Murtagh was the obvious choice for this exacting project. Few firms in the British Isles can handle the fabrication of bridge beams of this size including Culverts UK.  Civil projects of this size inevitably create disruption.  Meaning that the use of precast concrete, that´s reliably fabricated offsite, a deciding factor in the choice of construction techniques. And with their four decades of experience in precasting concrete and an enviable reputation for efficiency and reliability, civil engineers from Ireland, the United Kingdom and beyond turn to Shay Murtagh when quality and reliability lead the list of their requirements.

The Strathroy Link Road is now fully operational, the cranes, the lorries, and the teams of skilled workers have left the site and moved on to new projects, and the citizens, the businesses and the motorists of Omagh reap the benefits of the professionalism of all involved in the construction of this essential link road.

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